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Allover Adult Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) Services Overview

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Our On-Site Adult PRP services are offered at the Baltimore City location and off-Site community based services are provided in any consumer choosen location. The program provides adults with structured group activities designed to develop and enhance independent living skills. The goal is to assist individuals with the transition from a long period of hospitalization to successfully re-enter the community, and to assist those individuals already in the community with maintaining and enhancing their skills. Read More...

Skills Training

Care Training
  • personal hygiene
  • nutrition
  • planning and cooking meals
  • managing medications
  • general health care promotion
  • personal safety
Social Skills Training
  • interpersonal skills
  • communication
  • socialization
  • recreation
Independent Living And Community Living Skills Training
  • housing
  • utilizing community resources
  • transportation and mobility training
  • personal finance and budgeting
Illness Management Skills Training
  • understand and deal with mental illness as a disease
  • deal with symptoms and each person’s unique challenges of daily living
  • medication education
  • how to recover your sense of self and your life in spite of having an illness
Substance Abuse Recovery Training
  • deal with the disease of addiction
  • stop or decrease substance use
  • recover your sense of self and your life in spite of having an addiction

Group support

We offer dual diagnosis groups as well as groups with a specific focus, such as support groups for working individuals, groups which address the needs of older consumers, and men's and women's groups.

Crisis intervention

Services occur as needed. There are on-call clinicians available to Allover Healthcare Group consumers by phone.

Crisis intervention

Services occur as needed. There are on-call clinicians available to Allover Healthcare Group consumers by phone.

Entitilement services

You may be eligible for government assistance. These services are also offered at each location. Allover Healthcare Group takes an active part in advocacy, and in completing applications for and maintenance of all entitlements.

Off-site Services

Services can be provided off-site at the consumer's discretion. For instance, if a consumer requires skills training in terms of shopping or laundry, Allover Healthcare Group staff can meet the consumer at a local shopping mall or laundromat.

On-site Services for Adults

The On-site PRP services for Adults generally runs Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 9 am to 2 pm in terms of individual and group services, additional hours can be requested after 2 pm or weekend services can be provided.

Allover Minor Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) Services Overview

Allover Healthcare Group Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) for Children and Adolescents are structured to complement, support and strengthen the mental health (Therapy and Psychiatry) services the child is already receiving. Our Well-Trained rehabilitation staffs provide a combination of one-on-one and group rehabilitation activities at Allover Healthcare Group Facility, at the child's home and/or other appropriate community based locations.

On Site (facility-based) and Off Site (community-based) services are family focused, individualized and based on the child's and the family's strengths and resilience. Specific rehabilitation goals are established, which target identified needs based on information from the referring mental health professional, a comprehensive assessment and meetings with the child and his/her family.

PRP staff routinely evaluate progress with each child and their parent/guardian/support team and provide monthly summary reports to the primary therapist and other mental health professionals working with the child. Read More...

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Services for Minors

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Assessment - upon admission to the program, trained rehabilitation staff meet face to face with the child and his/her family, guardian or care-taker to complete a functional skills assessment, designed to identify each child's strengths, skills and needs.

Individual & Group Rehabilitation Activities - are designed to reduce functional behavioral impairments and develop and/or restore age-appropriate skills in a variety of areas, including:
  • Self Care Skills
  • Semi-Independent Living Skills
  • Social/Interactive Skills
  • Anger Management Skills
  • Education
  • Symptom Mangagement
  • Accessing Community Resources
  • Personal Safety
  • Maintaining Age-Appropriate Boundaries
  • Time Management

Children and their family members choose the services they want to receive (onsite, offsite or both) and the location where they want to receive them. Services are provided based on a monthly calendar of activities that typically include a combination of onsite and offsite services. Monthly program calendars are provided to all children and their families. Rehabilitation Counselors schedule visits with the children and their families/guardians based on the level of need and client preference and availability. Children who have chosen to participate in both onsite and offsite services participate in a minimum of three visits/services per month (2 onsite activities and 1 offsite visit or 1 onsite activity and 2 offsite visits). Individuals who only elect to receive onsite OR offsite services (not both) participate in at least two activities/visits per month. Additional visits are scheduled based on the child's needs and availability.

Group Therapy Sessions - Licensed Therapists conduct Group Psychotherapy sessions on a wide variety of topics. PRP participants may have the opportunity to attend Group Therapy sessions when clinically appropriate and available.


To Be Eligible for PRP services, a child must be:
  • 5 - 17 years old
  • Actively participating in mental health treatment
  • Referred by a Licensed Mental Health Professional
  • Diagnosed with a behavioral health diagnosis
  • Willing to participate in PRP services
  • A Medical Assistance recipient

To refer your client to us, please click here to fill out the online form or download our referral form, fill out the hard copy and email us at or fax us at 443-759-8870 the completed copy.