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Our personalized behavioral healthcare delivering system for Adults and Minors goes beyond the traditional ways of rendering behavioral health services. At Allover Healthcare: Social Workers, Clinical Therapists, and Psychologists use state-of-the-art technology to bring forth quality behavioral health care for Adults and Minors in the community we serve. Allover Healthcare Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PRP) programs for Adults and Minors has developed specialized programs to aid our clients to quick recovery. Our clients are taught social skills and we also pass them through numerous workshops. Programs like computer training, one-on-one counseling, and groups’ therapy are offered. These entire programs are aid in reintegrating our clients back to the community.

Allover CareWare™ is an enterprise software solution for Health and Human Services: State Agencies, Clinics, and Community Care Providers across the Globe. Our full-service CareWare™ solution, easy to use application solves complex challenges facing Health and Human Services. Allover CareWare™ provides clinical, client scheduling, client billing, case management, reporting and business intelligence methods. Allover CareWare™ solution enables interoperability, collaboration and coordination between state agencies and community care providers. Allover CareWare™ solution reduces costs and improves quality of services with active collaboration among State Agencies and Community Care Providers, which also help in eliminating duplication of services

Allover Academy teaches individuals, middle and high school students computer programming skills.We provide an overview of the technical framework of computer science, our Program prepares students for the tech world, and conflict resolution skills. Whether you are a current high school student interested in computer science or someone with a general interest in the program, we encourage you to join our Computer programming Program! We offer Maryland MVA Driver Improvement Program and issue you a certificate after a successful completion of the program and transmit your electronic certificate directly to the Maryland MVA and We also offer Maryland Approved 3-Hour Drug and Alcohol Education Program and issue MVA completion certificate.

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The process of making referrals into our PRP Program is an easy one. To refer your client to us, please click here to fill out the online form or download our referral form, fill out the hard copy and email us at or fax us at 443-759-8870 the completed copy.

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Please click here to register for any of our software products demo. After a successful completion of the registration, one of our sales representative will contact you to make an appointment for the demo. Allover CareWare™ is a State-of-the-Act Enterprise Solution for Community Care Providers.

To Participant In Our Training Programs

Please click here to register for any of our available programs for MVA Driver Improvement, MVA 3-Hours Safe and Sober/Drug and Alcohol, or our CDC Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program. Please enroll in any of our Scheduled classes that works for you to come in. All our programs are in-class room for now.