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Our personalized behavioral healthcare delivery system for adults and minors transcends traditional methods of providing behavioral health services. At Allover Healthcare, clinicians utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver quality behavioral healthcare to adults and minors in the communities we serve. We have developed specialized programs to facilitate the quick recovery of our clients. Our clients receive instruction in social skills and participate in numerous workshops. Additionally, we offer programs such as computer training, one-on-one counseling, and group therapy. These programs aid in reintegrating our clients back into the community. Our comprehensive range of programs includes: Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (PRP Services) for adults, adolescents, and children. Outpatient treatment (OP level 1) for Substance Use Disorder / Substance Abuse Programs for adults. Intensive Outpatient treatment (IOP level 2.1) for Substance Use Disorder / Substance Abuse Programs for adults. Community Housing for adults. We are committed to providing holistic care that addresses the diverse needs of our clients and supports their journey towards overall well-being.

Allover CareWare™ is an enterprise software solution designed for Community Care Providers. Our full-service CareWare™ solution is an easy-to-use application that addresses the complex challenges facing agencies in Health and Human Services. Allover CareWare™ offers a comprehensive range of features, including referral client scheduling, client billing, case management for groups and individual therapy notes, client interventions, goals, staff clinical supervision, treatment notes, Person-Centered-Plan (PCP) / Individualized Recovery Plan (IRP), DLA 20 - Daily Living Activities tracking, and reporting and business intelligence methods. Client intake and assessment functionalities are also integrated to streamline processes. Allover CareWare™ enables interoperability, collaboration, and coordination between state agencies and community care providers, ultimately reducing costs and improving the quality of services through active collaboration and the elimination of duplication. The solution facilitates monitoring and tracking of staff workflow to minimize discrepancies in Medicaid payments and assists agencies in meeting accreditation requirements.

Allover Academy offers computer programming skills training for individuals, middle, and high school students. Our program provides an overview of the technical framework of computer science and prepares students for the tech world, while also imparting conflict resolution skills. Whether you are a current high school student interested in computer science or someone with a general interest in the program, we encourage you to join our Computer Programming Program! Additionally, we provide the following programs: Driver Improvement Program (DIP): Upon completion, we issue a certificate and transmit your information directly to the Maryland MVA. 3-hour alcohol and drug education program: We issue a MVA certificate upon completion. 12-Hour Alcohol Education (AEP) Program is a 6-week program 2 hours once a week making it 12 hours DUI program. 26-Weeks DUI Offenders Treatment Program. We understand that some individuals may have weekday commitments, so we offer the Driver Improvement Program (DIP), 3-hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program, 6-Week DUI / DWI Alcohol Education Program | 12-Hour AEP, and the 26-Week DUI Program in the evening and on weekends.

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The process of making referrals into any of our programs is simple. To refer your client to us, please click here to fill out the online form or download our referral form, fill out the hard copy and email us the completed copy at or fax us at 443-759-8870 the completed copy.

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Please click here to register for a demo of any of our software products, please register. After successfully completing the registration, one of our sales representatives will contact you to schedule a demo. Allover CareWare™ is a state-of-the-art enterprise solution for community care providers..

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Please click here to register in any of our available programs, including the Driver Improvement Program, MVA 3-Hour Safe and Sober Drugs and Alcohol Education, and 12-Hour AEP | DUI Program. Choose a scheduled class that works for you to attend. Some of our programs can be completed virtually or in a classroom setting.