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We accept referrals from other community-based mental health providers, as well as from Maryland Court systems, Dept. of Social Services, Social Workers and other agencies.


Complete all the required sections of the referral form and hit the submit button or
or clicking here to submit or download our referral form, fill out the hard copy and send us a completed copy through
fax:443-759-8870 or or
call us at Phone:443-759-8827.

Referral Process

Allover Healthcare Group will complete the first level of the review to ensure that the application is complete and the basic eligibility criteria are met. Once the referral is approved and complete, Allover Healthcare Group will contact the referral source to setup an appointment to interview the applicant and then work with the referral source to determine whether the applicant be accepted into our PRP program.

For more information please click here to contact us. or complete the referral form by the clicking here to submit or download our referral form.